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Small Group Personal Training

A great cost effective way to boost your training regime

Don't go it alone

Small group personal training is a great cost effective way to boost your training regime with individualised attention from a Personal Trainer while having fun in a supportive atmosphere.

Sessions are in 30 and 45 minute format, including sessions using the state of the art QueenAx functional training frame.

See results fast

A low client to personal trainer ratio ensures you get the focused attention of a trained professional to guide and motivate you to reach your goals faster, while enjoying the motivation from your fellow session members. Sessions have a maximum of 8 people participating so there is more focus given by the Personal Trainer to each participant.

Check out our timetable of sessions. To request a booking call 9441 8259, drop past Claremont Gym Reception, or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your booking. Your first session is free!

    Information and pricing

    Information and pricing

    For only $12.80* extra per week Gym Members can enjoy unlimited Small Group Personal Training sessions. Talk to Gym Reception to get started.

    *Direct debit



    HBF Stadium Gym brings the latest fitness industry trends to your small group personal training session.

    • These sessions are 45 minutes and uses a combination of Pilates excercises to work on your strength and mobility. With a maximum of 6 people per session we are able to hone in on your technique and give you a challenging workout.
    • High Intensity Interval Training, a class that incorporates functional equipment mixed with body-weight exercises designed to push your heart rate to 85% of it's maximum.

      Functional training mimics the movements of sports and everyday life much more realistically than most machines, resulting in a greater carry over of strength and neuromuscular adaptation into the real world. This type of training involves using multiple muscle groups in more than one plane of motion so you will see results fast. Enjoy the challenge while using our new functional training kit, including: slam balls, power bags, plyometric steps, battle ropes and more.


      This class in not for the faint hearted.
    • A thirty minute small group session for patrons over the age of 60. These sessions are designed for improving strength and cardiovascular fitness.
    • Using boxing techniques and high cardiovascular energy expenditure, you will punch, move and sweat like a boxer. Your boxing skills will improve over time increasing your cardiovascular energy expenditure in each BoxFit workout. This enables you to burn more calories and lose weight as you box yourself fit. (45 minute session)