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Crèche & childcare

We mind your kids so you don’t miss your workout

Close-up of child playing with lego

Do you work out, swim or attend a class at HBF Stadium? Then you can benefit from our fun and entertaining crèche.

Conveniently located at the entry to the venue, the crèche at HBF Stadium offers easy access and lots of bright spaces to play. Our qualified carers keep your little ones entertained while you enjoy a workout in our gym, go for a swim, attend your group fitness class, or enjoy time in the café.

  • Toddlers playing together in a crèche
    Lots of bright spaces to play
  • Young children drawing at a table at HBF Stadium Crèche
    Your little ones will be kept entertained
  • Young girl playing with toys in the HBF Stadium Crèche
    Enjoy your workout knowing they're safe and happy
  • Crèche attendant with children in HBF Stadium crèche
    Qualified caring staff

What to bring on the day

  • Drink bottle

  • Fruit or vegetable snack

  • All necessary provisions for your child

  • Pram for children under two years

Additional crèche information

  • You will be required to complete a crèche enrolment form for your child/children which includes terms and conditions. For your convenience we have included a selection of these below.

    Signing in and signing out

    Please book into the creche via the online member portal or kiosks in-venue. Upon entering the creche please sign in your children using the daily register. Children must also be signed-out when leaving the crèche. You will not be allowed to leave your child without booking them in first. 

    Parent / guardian

    A parent or guardian must remain on HBF Stadium premises for the duration of your child’s visit to the crèche. Parents are permitted to go to the Athletics or Basketball Stadium.

    Infectious conditions

    If your child has an infectious condition, please respect other families by not bringing them into the crèche. This includes minor illnesses such as runny noses, chesty coughs and head lice.


    Please label your child’s items, e.g. clothing, bag, dummy, bottles, toys etc.

    Child collection

    Please advise a staff member if someone else will be picking up your child. This will also need to be written in the daily register. 

    Change of clothing / bottles etc.

    Please supply all necessary provisions for your child, e.g. nappies, baby wipes, change of clothes for emergencies or prepared bottles for babies (heated if necessary).


    You may wish to supply some fruit/vegetables while your child is in our care. The creche has a fruit/vegetable only policy. Please ensure only fruit or vegetables are packed due to allergies.


    All children under two years old must be left in the crèche with a pram for evacuation purposes.

  • Don't skip your workout!

    School holiday childminding for kids 6 – 12 years, so you can stay in routine over the school holidays. While you work out we’ll keep your children entertained with ball games, board games and other activities. Payment is made via the portal, kiosk in-venue or main reception.


    Children to be dropped off at creche. 

    Please Note

    Operating during school holidays Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Parents must remain on premises and must fill in online enrolment form and attendance register on arrival. 

    BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - through your portal or the kiosk in-venue.

    6 - 12 yrs

    Mon - Fri
    (excluding public holidays)

    8:00am - 11:00am1.5 hoursPer Child $8.00


Children drawing at a table in HBF Stadium crèche

Meet our creche staff

Our caring and experienced staff will look after your children while you enjoy your workout.
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